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Did you know that an about 40 per cent of Britain's six million dogs and seven million cats are overweight.

Heart complaints, diabetes and arthritis are just some of the health problems associated with pets carrying excess weight.  Lack of exercise and poor diet can result in a shortened life-span for your best friend.

Have you been giving just one too many treats to your pet?  Due to other commitments are you unable to give your pet the right amount of exercise they need?


Doggy Fit Camp

What is it?

A program aimed at shedding those extra pounds that your dog is carrying, ensuring your dog is healthy, lean and keen.

How does work?

Through a planned, progressive, program of exercise, which includes fun play activities and walks, we gradually increase the amount of energy and calories your dog burns off every day.

Put this together with home prepared food (owners can provide their own food if preferred), plenty of play time and mental stimulation, means your dog will be having fun, whilst dropping those extra pounds.

Benefits to your dog

Burns off extra calories, reducing fat levels, meaning your dog is healthier, fitter and more active.

Reducing your dog’s weight also reduces their likelihood of developing conditions and diseases which are associated with obesity in animals, they will have less strain on their joints, bones and internal organs and this will lead to fewer visits to the vets and can reduce vet bills later in life.

Your dog will get plenty of mental stimulation, which reduces boredom and makes them a happier healthier dog.

Your dog will be more able to tolerate hot sunny days due to their internal thermostat being more efficient and not carrying extra pounds around.

Doggy Fit Camp isn’t for every dog; to find out if it is for yours please call Donna at 1st4Pets on 07587 770763 or e-mail

Is your dog suddenly exhibiting behavioural problems or health problems, which could be caused by boredom and inactivity?

If so then speak to us at 1st4Pets about our Pet Fit Camps.

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